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Intro Flight Lesson:  $125.00 (Normally $199.00)

Begin your journey with a pre flight brief that will prepare you for "First Flight".  As you tour the outside side of the aircraft for the "Preflight Inspection" take you around the aircraft for the "Fundamentals of Flight" and then you'll be seated in the left seat for the preparation of the instrument panel.  You will run up the aircraft, taxi out to the runway and begin to climb to new levels of adventure.  As you climb out to altitude the instructor will guide you on your Intro into steep turns, simulated engine failure, wing stalls and ground reference manuevers, all while your hands on experience are committing to memory your experience of a lifetime.

At the end of the flight we will provide you with:

Free Six month subscription to Flight Training Magazine,

with Logbook with Endorsements towards

your FAA License.